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What to Know About Locking Wheel Nuts?

To secure wheels to a vehicle, locking wheel nuts are used. There are many types of wheel nuts available in the market but a locking wheel nut is used as an additional safety measure. This is used as a solution for vehicle wheel theft. You will not be able to remove the wheel without having a locking wheel nut key.

When it comes to ordinary wheel nuts, they can be removed with some effort if you have the right tools. And this allows thieves to remove the wheels off any vehicle. A wheel lock has one cylindrical end and one hexagonal end. Each key is unique to the wheel nut and you will not be able to use one key on several wheel nuts. The keys are small and they are generally packed in a small box.

If you have locking wheel nuts for your vehicle wheels, make sure that a set of keys was provided to you. The keys will be placed by the manufacturer in a number of places. In some vehicles, you will find them in the glove box along with the owner’s manual. Other places are with your spare wheel or in the boot storage. There will be a storage panel on the side of the boot in certain vehicles. If you still can’t find them, you can look in or under the vehicle seats, center console storage and door card pockets.

If you are worried about not being able to find the keys or if you had lost them, you can get new tyres fitted. Tyre dealers have heavy duty equipment that allows them to remove the wheels without damaging them.

There are also locking wheel nut removal kits you can find but it is best to visit a specialist who will be able to safely remove the wheel. There are universal locking wheel nut sets that auto technicians will have that can be used for the vehicle afterwards. This will not be unique to your own vehicle. If you want your unique set of locking wheel nuts, you can purchase a replacement key for the original set of wheel nuts. But this can be quite expensive. This has to be ordered from the manufacturer directly. 

If your vehicle has locking wheel nuts, it is best to understand how they work and what to do in the event of an emergency like a tyre puncture. Locking wheel nuts are also called alloy wheel nuts and they are a common standard in many modern cars as a deterrent to theft. There is one locking wheel nut for one wheel. There is a unique key that matches the wheel nut.

The locking wheel nut keys are unique to each car and you will not be able to use one set of keys to remove the wheel nuts in a different model or make. To remove the wheel nut, you need to slot the key into the keyed head of the wheel nut. The hexagonal end of the wheel nut will become loose after the wheel brace links to it.

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