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What to Keep in Mind When Packing before Moving

There are so many things to do when you are moving to a new city or state. Packing all the belongings will take the most time. And there will be so many things to sort and organise that it is recommended that you start a few months away from the actual date and keep to a packing schedule to stay on top of stuff.

It is best to find a moving company as they will have a lot of expertise regarding the process and they can make things a lot more convenient and efficient. And if you are moving across state lines, you can hire an interstate removal company that will take care of the whole process and ensure that you have all the documentation you need. And moving companies also offer packing solutions which can take the stress off your shoulders. When you are packing up your belongings, try to sort them as you go so you don’t take unnecessary items to your new house. And decluttering at this stage will lighten the load making the cost of moving a little bit lower. It helps when you sort items into certain categories such as damaged items to be thrown, items to be donated or recycled. When you lighten your load this way, you don’t need to box a lot of things which will save you time and the cost of packing materials as well. You may also be able to select a smaller moving vehicle.

Many people tend to underestimate the time needed to pack items but we don’t have a good idea of everything that is in our houses. We tend to collect so much stuff that it will take a lot of time just to sort and declutter items. So you need to give yourself enough time to pack so that you will be ready on the actual moving day. And when you have sufficient time, you will be able to take time to pack items safely. You will need different packing materials for different items. Fragile items will need more protection so that they reach their destination safely. Then there are other tasks to be done such as labelling the boxes. All of this will take time so waiting until the last minute will only raise your stress levels. You also need to have a schedule for packing.

Non-essential items can be packed first while the things you use on a daily basis can wait till later. You will also need to pack a separate bag with essentials such as a toiletries and a change of clothing that you will be using on the first day or two at the new house as it can be difficult to unpack on the same day. Make sure you use the right packing supplies for your possessions. It is best to select packing supplies that are specially designed for moving or packaging. This will keep your possessions safe during the move. You will need to get packing tape, different sized boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, Ziploc bags, permanent markers for labelling etc.

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