Ways of Improving Campus Parking

There are different schedules for different students and campus parking can be quite difficult to manage. There can be busy hours at several times throughout the day because of the different schedules as well. Sometimes students will not be aware of where parking is available and it can be complicated to find an open space.

To eliminate the confusion of finding a parking space, there are smart parking sensors that will have real time information on available parking sports. A common issue on many campuses is the lack of sufficient parking for all students. You can work with a company to improve campus parking solutions and make sure that students get to their classes on time. Automation is the key to doing this. When students are shown where to park and which areas to avoid, they will be able to avoid traffic and park faster.

There can be electric signs where the data for available parking slots can be displayed. Make sure that it is clearly visible. To manage traffic flow, the campus can stagger class times so that the entire student population is not rushing to class at the same time. Therefore, there will not be a rush hour created which promotes traffic. You can also save the central areas of the campus and allow parking on the periphery so that the campus is more pedestrian friendly.

Sometimes students may not look for parking data and it can be a bit of a hassle as well. To simplify this, you can integrate parking management to the campus website so that students can log in and check which slots are available. There can be a parking app as well that will simplify this further. The students can simply book a slot and be guaranteed that it will stay available till they reach it. Smart parking solutions such as this can reduce traffic and as the students are not travelling a long distance trying to find parking; it will reduce the level of CO emissions and contribute to a better environment at the same time.

You still need to make sure that there are wide roads that are easily accessible but the priority should be on reducing the number of vehicles on the road during the busy hours. There are many traffic improvement strategies that can be used. You can also give more importance to campus parking permits so that every student that holds a permit is guaranteed to find a parking spot. There will be several parking spaces around the campus and priority will be given to certain groups depending on the plot; priority will be sorted out on a basis of employee tenures, student housing status, proximity to certain departments etc.

Public transportation can be encouraged with higher parking rates. Campuses will not have sufficient parking space to provide each student and this can serve as a deterrent to many. You can make public transportation even more attractive by subsidizing it. The campus students will be given a lower charge or be able to ride for free. This will be funded from the revenue generated by campus parking.

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