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How to Maintain Your BullBar?

The hassle of attempting to maintain the bull bar clean and bright are something that all 4×4 aficionados can agree on.

Nothing beats your bull bar for gathering infamous red mud, splattered bugs, watermarks, and everything else the Australian bush has in store for you. It’s a powerful magnet.

Bull bars could take home the trophy if there had been an award for “the dirtiest modification” on a 4×4. Even if you weren’t traveling remotely or ripping over some of Western Australia’s most treacherous off-road trails, the bull bar is always filthy.

Fortunately, unlike a fourbie’s undercarriage, which would be a complete pain to clean, washing a bull bar is as simple as it comes. If your bull bar is starting to appear old, weathered, and exhausted, here’s how to maintain it clean and bright, whether it’s made of alloy or aluminium.

Get Some Autosol for Yourself

Trying to catch a glimpse of the reflection in the mirror? The Autosol aluminium polish will do the trick. Autosol is a specifically formulated polish that can be used on alloys and aluminium surfaces, making it ideal for bull bars. It could be used to clean, polish, and protect, giving a mirror-like gloss that is free of haze and scratches.

Autosol, apart from its liquid equivalents, is a strong powered paste that is non-abrasive that can be used on all aluminium areas and soft metals with confidence. Autosol is available from your neighbourhood Super Cheap Auto.

Dependable Silvo Silver Polish

Silvo is a metalware polish cleanser that may be found at any home improvement store, Woolworths, or¬†Bunnings. It’s simple to use and excellent for cleaning, restoring, and polishing a soiled, bug-splattered, and muddy bull bar.

It’s ideal for keeping stainless fittings on your sailboat, motocross bike, or car looking like new for a long time.

Has There Been Better Days For Your Bull Bar?

It will come a point whenever your old bull bar will no longer suffice. It’s not just an eyesore, coated in scratches or chips or rusted beyond repair, but it’s also no longer serving its main job, which is to safeguard you, your guests, and your prized rig.

With so many different types of bull bars available like VW amarok bull bar, choosing the ideal one just for your 4WD can be difficult. How do you decide which one to go with? What is your maximum body weight? Is it allowed to drive on the road? Is it going to go with the color of your 4WD?

Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Bull Bar

1.    Get Rid of the Dust

First and foremost, give the bull bar a thorough cleaning, removing as much filth as possible.

The last things you need to do is damage the bar by running sand across it when cleaning it with a microfiber cloth.

2.    Onto a Microfibre Cloth, Apply Polish

Then, using a microfiber wipe, polish the surface with either Silvo’s or Autosol.

Note: If a black deposit forms on the cloth, your aluminium bull bar has a protective layer, and you can proceed. Stop right there if it does not seem to. Continued polishing could result in irreparable harm.

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