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How to Identify a Low Quality Vehicle Part

You will need to buy several auto parts throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. But you need to select genuine products from reliable sellers. It can be a little difficult to understand whether a product is genuine or not; there are plenty of situations where vehicle owners have been duped to buy a product that is fake or has poor quality.

You may think that a certain product is from a reputed brand but it will actually be a fake part. So how do you differentiate between the genuine and fake items? There are certain things that manufacturers do to ensure their part cannot be fabricated completely by using barcodes, signatures and other methods. They will also use credible online websites to sell the parts that will assure you of the authenticity of the part. While some people will purchase fake parts for the sake of cost-effectiveness, it can be a risky decision. These parts will not have the same efficiency as the genuine parts and you can’t expect them to have the same level of durability. And low quality parts may not be compatible with the others parts in your vehicle. You should always select a reputed supplier such as JH Auto Parts when making a purchase so that there is some assurance in the product you buy.              

If you have ordered an auto part from a website

There are a few ways to check its authenticity. Once the item arrives at your home, you need to inspect the packaging to see if there is anything unusual about it. Has it been professionally packaged? It is best to keep older packaging with you as you can always compare it with what you buy new. Check if the new packaging matches the quality of the old packaging or if there are some irregularities such as in the way the brand name is printed. You need to check whether the graphics are similar along with the overall quality of the packaging. If these things don’t match, it is possible that what you have in your hand is a fake part. In addition to the packaging, you can also compare the old and new parts together.

If you are going to a physical shop

You can actually take the old part with you so it is easier to compare and check whether the authenticity of the new part is the same. Some of the considerations that will come into play are finishing, material, overall built quality, weight of the part, different textures and any other unique identifying features. This will give you a good idea about whether the part is a fake. Another way you can check authenticity is by checking the barcode. An authentic product will have a specific barcode assigned to it. Also, if there is a QR code, you can scan it with your smartphone to see if the details of the part appear. Pricing will also give you an idea about authenticity. Fake parts tend to be cheaper so you need to obtain a quotation from a genuine manufacturer to get an idea of the real price.

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