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Basic Guide to Tyre Repair Types

There are many things that can result in a tyre replacement. But there are also occasions where you can actually get by with a repair. While many people tend to search for a new tyre when their old tyre has a flat, there are a few methods that you can use to repair the tyre.

Repairing a tyre can extend its life but you need to select a good company for repairs and tyre fitting Lilydale. Tyre plugging is the easiest method for repairing your tyre. And this method will take the least time compared to others. The hole in your tyre will be plugged in by a small component. This is usually a small leather piece that is coated with a rubber adhesive. When you drive, there is heat generated due to friction between the road surface and the tyre. This heat will cause the rubber adhesive to vulcanise. It will then harden and seal the hole more effectively. You can do this repair without removing the tyre as well. However, there are instances when tyre plugging can fail. This is when the hole has an irregular shape or the hole is too large. The plug can come loose when you are driving and you will end up with a flat tyre again.

For larger holes, tyre patching is the method used.

In this method, a square of rubber with adhesive backing is used on the inside of the tyre. And when the tyre gets heated while driving, the adhesive will vulcanise and harden into a seal. You will need to remove the tyre to do this which will take a little longer for the repair to be done. Also, this will be a more expensive procedure compared to plugging the tyre. Then there are situations where you will use a combination of these two methods. Here a rubber path with a hanging tail will be positioned inside the tyre and the tail will be taken through the hole in order to cover it. This combination method is a more effective and comprehensive method compared to only plugging or patching the tyre. But you will need to remove the tyre to do this. This will also take the longest time for the repair to be completed.

It is always best to have a good tyre repair shop in your mind

So that you know exactly who to call when there is an emergency. You can do all the research beforehand and save a couple of contact numbers for a few reliable tyre repair shops. Check with them if they provide emergency services. However, you need to understand when a tyre is repairable and when it is not. You will be able to repair the tyre if the puncture is due to a small object. These will result in a small hole and these can be fixed right away. This will be when the diameter of the hole is less than 5mm. Also, when the puncture is located between the shoulder of the tyre, it can also be repaired provided that it is small enough. A large deep puncture cannot be repaired and if there is internal damage to the tyre, the function of the tyre is compromised.

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